I Am Listening to Amy Winehouse sing, She’s “something else!”….Amy is prob my favorite singer to come along since Sinead O’Connor. I had a big crush on Sinead in High School, she’s Bald, she’s Beautiful; Even now, Sinead seems on point, In my Dreams Sinead is there w Amy singing in my ears w Sade and Billie Holiday, Ella,Sarah, Even M.I.A. may appear. So many singer’s appear 2 me in my Dreams.

I am thinking of M.I.A.’s beats, That’s the soundtrack- (Like ‘Rebel Music’)

A million godess’s are Dancing

“….Futile Odd’s….”

“…..And Laughed @By the gods…..””

Played Out By the Band

LOVE IS A Losing Hand

Love Is A Losing Game

Though (I’m) A Gambling Man



Laughed@by the Gods

FOr YOU I was a Flame….

LOve is A loosing Game

One I wished I never Played

Self professed profound, until the chips are down ;-(

yes, For you I was a flame..

5 story fire as we came….

though I (battle?) blind

Love is a fate resigned

Love is a losing game

one I wish we never played

and now the final frame…

Love Is…….

A zillion godess’s echoe my name in the midst, the Universal musician/Keeper of Deepness endures

The Keeper of Deepness

Sweet & Serene

Gives you you’re Coffee

Then Takes Back the Cream.

Amy Winehouse is one in a million!

Like I said, My favorite singer to come along in the past 30 years

And now the final FRAME………LOVE…………..;-) ‘-(


What ever Happened to Free Speech!

Dear SA

WTF Ever happened to free speech? Now we can say pretty much anything we desire but there is a con-sequence. I am talking about how Big Pharma and teams of head doctors have collaborated and come to the conclusion that there is a mental dis-ease for virtually every behavior. Too sad? take pills…You smile very frequently? We have mood stabilizers for you that will keep you grounded…And the so called physical Medical Industry is just as bad or worse.

Obesity,High Blood Pressure,RA, Cancer,Manic Depression,Bi Polar, Schitzophrenia, Diabetes, Alzheimer’s, Erectile Dysfunction;The list of ailments is legion.


They say the Native Americans, who were in  Canada, America and South America before the western occupation; Including Cuba, the Bahamas and JA along with the many Islands satelliting around our broad land mass surrounded by vast Oceans, they say their average life expectancy was only 30 years. I know there were some that lived much longer, but I am concerned with the quality of Native American life, not only the duration in years.

My little sister, who is big now, gave me a brilliant book on Native American Medicine for Christmas with ‘folk remedies’ for many ailments. I love the Native American world view concerning our planet, Earth Mother, the Starry skies and shining Moon, even their view on how tobacco was brought to earth from another star system is fascinating and unique.

Instead of coke sniffing, elaborate pipe smoking psycho-analysts in the fashion of Sigmund Freud that would charge you great sums of money to talk about your problems there were Shamans, who many earned a living doing this too-that you could solve your problems.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not knocking Psychiatry in favor of Shamans-for there were and are charlatans,cheats and scoundrels in both fields. The shamans many times smoked tobacco as well along with mood alternating and¬† psychotropic drugs.

Which raises the question…In modern or post modern civilization what is the difference between a drug, medicine and remedy?¬† Should weed be legal? Should heroin be legal? Should we put graphic warning pictures in cigarette boxes? Does drinking wine cause cancer? Why are vegans so sexy? Haha ….Which brings us back to my original question, WTF happened to free speech? Have we become a nation of Pussies?




Mo Crazy!….Mo Irie!!! …A Jazzy Mystery Story by Atlantean Allawahtah

The Story Soooo Far…

I am writing a story based on the Fergoli Complex. The Fergoli syndrome is when a person tninks/feels that  another  person is persecuting them in different guises. Tormenting them all the time and appearing as apparently different people but is really just one person.. Kind of like a spirit.

In the same story I created a character named Alphonzo L. Guiseppe, a man born in

the 1920’s who now resides in Johnston Rhode Island, the smallest state in the union. Alphonso is in semi retirement when we find him…He teaches music at his compound for Veterans, Mr. Guiseppe being a World War II. He is friendly with Running Bear, a native American tribal chief and fellow Vet that lives there on the grounds.

Alphonso lived through the Jazz Era and worked his way up the New york Mafia to become a mob boss later relocated to RI. Or maybe he Traveled to India from the Old Country nad got tan…Studied in a Hindu Monasrary, Learning about Lord Krishna, Learning Sanskrit and Hindi and becoming a spiritual master. Then sailed in a boat to America to start a new religion as cover for his illegal criminal enterprise.

Or maybe Alphonso was not born in the 1920’s but born in the 1800’s and was the mystic George Ivonavitch Gurdjief, master of resurection and life prolonging. By the time George/Alphonso is living in Johnston Rhode Island in the mid 1990’s¬† his body is more of a Frankenstein creation and he has many surgeries including on the brain.

He dies in the 2000’s, or so we think. He actually did that to help one of his music students, Atlantean Allawahtaal aka alto Irie.Allahwahtah did not notice that the saxophone player blowing at Alphonsos funeral was actually Mr. Guiseppe. Thee Atlantean took it hard and started to drink heavily, getting fat-and developed the Fergoli Complex. Or was Alto the victim of Voodoo forces and a Death Wish? These questions will be questioned and the answers will be questioned in the modern novel” MO Crazy! Mo Irie!!!”¬† ¬† From the Liberation Series and Epic Poem “Son g of the Brook” by Sizusu Allawa-God King of Atlantean planes of existence. go veg, be green, meditate, to save this place!!!!!!


New Short Story

¬†¬†¬† I have become accustomed to the smell of stinking fish and¬† burly ¬† sailors but it’s been about a week and I’m still sea sick.¬†¬† Why is there a line going through all the letters???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

My Muse used ta be Blues

For Rihana ; Setting Atlantis

The Wise Ocean does  dishes ,,,(Look at All the once Fancy fretting kitchen sets groveling on the floor)

crazy moon is her ego

and “Blue are the life giving Waters”

sitting still

looking pretty

“They Quietly Understand”

Crazy Moon  And Ocean

turning Tides

Great Fiery ever Burning Earth Star

wise waters of Atlantis

Heavenly atmosphere




Dances with Wolves

EnLighten de Trance

Finger Pop dance in the clouds baby

Cotton Candy clouds are on high

We Fly and “Take a Taste”

Transformers  was a chill movie


Evaporate in to Oblivion

And mighty Returns

as the watery rain



back into the earth

as Atlantis reigns

and The Jazzy Doktor lingers

sitting still

looking pretty

by the Poland Spring

In New Harlem

where even  Vampires Dwell

Drinking Red Wine


It tastes of the Salt